Danger Ahead

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The next big financial storm we face is probably inflation and higher taxes because of the $27 trillion debt of the US government.

In the 1980’s we collapsed the Soviet Union by getting them to spend more than their economy could handle. Now we are doing it to ourselves. You know how the passengers of the Titanic cruised confidently on their “unsinkable” ship. The first lifeboats launched were only partially full. Unfortunately, traditional investors often cruise confidently through financial icebergs they can’t see until it is too late. History is full of government spending ending in a disaster.

Everyone has heard the stories about Germany with wheelbarrows full of marks, but there are many other examples. The Romans exchanged gold and silver money for common metals. France, discovered paper money and printed money until it collapsed. Government uncontrolled spending is a problem. This is a storm cloud that no one seems to see. You can watch out and prepare to avoid unnecessary disasters.

One solution is to use tax-free accounts like Roth IRAs or Roth 401(k) accounts to grow your money tax-free. You are probably in the lowest tax bracket we will ever see in our life.

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