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One Page Retirement Plan

The One Page Retirement Plan is an easy way to see if you’ll run out of money. Retirement is an income problem. If you have enough income everything else is manageable. Without income, there is nothing to plan. Schedule a 15min. call to get your ONE PAGE RETIREMENT PLAN >>

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Danger Ahead

The next big financial storm we face is probably inflation and higher taxes because of the $27 trillion debt of the US government. In the 1980’s we collapsed the Soviet Union by getting them to spend more than their economy could handle. Now we are doing it to ourselves. You know how the passengers of the Titanic cruised confidently on their “unsinkable” ship. The first

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The Money Orchard

Personal finance is like an orchard. An orchard is the intentional growing of trees for food.The Money Orchard INVESTING is the intentional saving of money to produce an income using orchard language. An apple tree symbolizes your work. The apples are your income. The 3 orchard trees producing apples symbolize your investments making an income, a dark cloud indicates risks, and the sinkhole signifies debt

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Dennis Zaderaka

Don’t let the Election Frenzy Derail a Good Investment Strategy

It’s no secret that presidential election years are uncertain times—and that investors and the stock market like certainty. It’s also no secret that the stock market is influenced by several factors—and that a presidential election may not even be the most significant one.3 Of course, it can be easy to get caught up in campaigns, politics, and elections. And they do matter. Just not as

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